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Lorin Ashton (born February 18, 1978), better known under his stage name Bassnectar, is an American DJ and record producer.


Early career
Ashton grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and initially identified with visual arts rather than music, creating movies with his dad’s camera at the age of ten. He experienced an immediate sense of welcome and comfort going to raves in the mid-nineties, which led to the confluence of his heavy and electronic style of music. In the following years, he became exceedingly more involved in the scene, promoting shows, distributing food and assistance to concertgoers, buying records and eventually learning to DJ after studying electronic music production. He began creating music in the 1990s, using Opcode Systems Studio Vision Pro. In the mid-90s, he briefly toured with Exhumed as a bass player.

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Bassnectar's Drive For Justice

Bassnectar's desire to bring about change and justice in our world makes him that much more admirable. He expresses his feelings by adding politically influenced samples in his music, as well as discussing politics and social issues in interviews.

Contributed by Shahrzad Shams

There's a reason Bassnectar stands apart from other EDM producers today. Watch the video to learn a little more about why this guy is different!

Contributed by Shahrzad Shams

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