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Barefoot running

Barefoot running, also called "natural running", is the act of running without footwear. With the advent of modern footwear, running barefoot has become less common in most parts of the world but is still practiced in parts of Africa and Latin America. In some Western countries, barefoot running has grown in popularity due to perceived health benefits.

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When barefoot running, especially on treadmills, I've learned from experience that one has to be very careful and wrap their feet, otherwise very large and rather hindering blisters can form all over. I really enjoy barefoot running and think that something as silly as blisters shouldn't get in the way of training, so I found (and tested) this technique for preventing some of the really bad blister spots. I also just wrapped a piece of tape around my big toe because that's a major problem spot for me personally.

Contributed by Ally Klingelhofer

Merrell barefoot running technique

Contributed by Mon Medina

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