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In 2004 Matelle announced that Barbie and Ken would be splitting up. This video shows their meeting and part of filming concept to announce their break up. The video does not share that Barbie and Ken officially reunited on Valentine's day of 2009.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

The original Barbie doll commercial. First of all $3.00, wow! Secondly, listen to the song. The song is all about how beautiful and thin Barbie is. It talks about her wonderful clothes. Have you heard about how Barbie was an important toy because she was an astronaut, a gymnast, a pilot, and held other occupations that were predominantly occupied by men? Barbie has done these things, but this is her start, and there is no mention of Barbie working, and certainly not in men's fields.Seems Barbie had her struggles with gender stereo types also.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

The inventor of Barbie

Contributed by Kate Hoffman

The History of Barbie

Contributed by Kate Hoffman

You do not want to see her waist. So creepy. Cheers!

Contributed by Ceara Hickerson