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Balloon modelling

Balloon modelling or balloon twisting is the shaping of special modelling balloons into almost any given shape, often a balloon animal. People who create balloon animals and other twisted balloon sculptures are called Twisters, Balloon Benders and Balloon Artists. Twisters often perform in restaurants, at birthday parties, fairs and at public and private events or functions.

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Baloon animal butterfly!

Some people call this a useless talent. but if the whole "higher education" thing doesn't work out, I have a promising career as a carnie!

Contributed by Brandi TraLynn Salathiel

A perfect and different way to take memorable pictures at a Sweet Sixteen or other event.

Contributed by Erika Guzman

Balloon Art (Modelling) is not limited by twister balloons that clowns use ( 160Q, 260Q and 350Q) normal balloons such as 5", 9" , 12" and 36" balloons can be used to create sculptures, walls, arches, columns and canopies. Balloons are used in order to draw attention to an event or a specific area at an event. Such as the head table, dance floor, cake table, entrance or photo backdrop.

Contributed by Erika Guzman

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