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Ball-jointed doll

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Blank Asian ball-jointed doll

Contributed by Sarah Slone

Den of Angels (DOA) is an online forum primarily focused on providing information to owners of Asian ball-jointed dolls. Although claiming to be an open source, whether a person interested in these dolls or an owner already, must go through a process to reach certain levels of accessibility. Every member of DOA is given an access code at a certain point far into their membership. A new member must obtain one of these codes before entering the forum. This ensures access into basic discussion topics and parts of the forum dedicated to "Newbies, or those breaking into the Ball-Jointed Doll hobby. After a month and fourty-five contributing posts are made, access to the second hand market or "Marketplace" forum is granted.Full membership comes much later, and is given with the access code to ensure that new members are credited by experienced forum users.

Contributed by Sarah Slone