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Ball-jointed doll

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Impressive Ball jointed dolls

Posing of wolfram is amazing, he can do wide variety of positions, and hold them on his own, without any help,suading, or wiring. Dolleaves does amazing job with the body.

Contributed by Mau Lunarwolves

Ball jointed dolls know no bounds

Wolfram is amazing poser, and easily photo worthy. With all his customization, hard to believe he is the dolleaves W model. Love taking pictures of him, and look forward to when his first set of clothing is done.

Contributed by Mau Lunarwolves

Ball jointed dolls

Wolfram extending his hand, in test posing, and showing off his beauty.

Contributed by Mau Lunarwolves

CreativeBall jointed dolls

Ball jointed dolls, are amazing at capturing emotion, even when bumming out in rushed clothing. This is wolfram, in his first photo-shoot, as we learn his posability

Contributed by Mau Lunarwolves

Ball jointed dolls know no bounds

Artists can get very creative with them, like this lovely boy right here. He is the ball jointed doll I have that was customized by an artist. His name is Wolfram, and he glows like tron, and is super cool.

Contributed by Mau Lunarwolves

Ball jointed dolls, are beautiful pieces of art, for photography, drawing, creativity, or just simply collecting. They are intricately detailed, and come in many wide varieties and forms. My current favorites, are a type known as anthros, which are human animal hybrids. An anthro can be anything from a centaur, to a scorpian human hybrid. They are also ones that are special, with animal heads on humanoid bodies. My favorite anthros are from Dearmine. They are just stunning.

Contributed by Mau Lunarwolves

Sure isn't Barbie!

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Most Asian ball-jointed dolls come blank in the box, with only one tone of skin. Because of the natural discoloration of human bodies, artists are often times commissioned to "blush" a doll's body with chalk pastels and paint. The face-up of a doll is painted on with non-oil containing products such as acrylic paints, soft chalk pastels, and watercolor pencils. The face=up of a dolls is used to mimic the natural discoloration of a human, and help portray a certain character or personality.

Contributed by Sarah Slone

As part of the Asian ball-jointed doll (ABJD) culture, many post videos to social media sights of ABJD box openings. People are primarily interested in these videos to see what a doll looks like straight from the company, or to further encourage themselves through the hobby while waiting on a doll to be manufactured and sent.

Contributed by Sarah Slone

Although a doll is stereotypically for the enjoyment of children, high-quality, handmade, resin, Asian ball-jointed dolls are not recommended for any person younger than fifteen. These dolls require the care and customization of someone much older, and are not to be handled by babies, toddlers, or immature children for fear of damaging the resin of the doll.

Contributed by Sarah Slone

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