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These are delicious, even if you don't add the chocolate chips! Even my not sweet loving husband kept coming back for more.

Contributed by Katherine Field

I hope to make these Apple Pie cookies soon I love baking and cant wait to go to college for it.

Contributed by Bessie Baker

This is the cake pan I use if I want to get creative and make bear cakes. I think this is extremely adorable. A couple of tips when making a cake like this: -Make sure that the cake has had enough time to cool off, maybe even freeze it -I recommend using an electric mixer when making the dough to the cake -Make sure everything is cold at all times

Contributed by Cassie Leyba

4. Ovens hurt when at 400 degrees! Aloe Vera helps a lot! 5. Make sure you have all of your supplies BEFORE baking so you don't have to make a run 6. Buttermilk substitutes aren't that yummy (specifically the milk and tartar mix) in rainbow cupcakes 7. Rainbow and tie dye baked goods are tedious, messy and really cool!

Contributed by Cassie Leyba

What I have learned from baking, or learned not to do: 1. Don't forget to put baking soda into your mix, especially when making muffins- they will be flat 2. Don't use an electric mixer when making cookies, it puts too much air in the batter causing the cookies to be very fluffy and cake-like 3. Things taste better when made with love

Contributed by Cassie Leyba