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B.A.P (South Korean band)

B.A.P (Korean: 비에이피; an acronym for Best Absolute Perfect) is a South Korean boy group formed in 2012 under TS Entertainment. The group's six members are Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, and Zelo.

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The members

Contributed by Cecilia Van Pratt


Contributed by Cecilia Van Pratt

Jongup got lost in America

Contributed by Cecilia Van Pratt

When Jong Up is tired , Yong Guk doesn’t wake him up & does the dishes in place for him . Jong Up worst memory was when he got lost in America. Yong Guk used his hand injury during warrior as an excuse to make the members does things for him. Youngjae is a big fan of Jay Park. (; Daehyun warm up his voice in the car. Yong Guk was one of the chosen Idol of “Top 10 Idols you would date.” Himchan complains a lot .

Contributed by Cecilia Van Pratt

Jong Up goes around in the living room with his boxer on sometimes. Himchan sometimes gets jealous when Yongguk hangs around with Zelo. Yongguk has a tattoo that is located at the upper part of his back. Zelo sometimes/always wear a mask because he has a complex with his chin. Daehyun fist time to a karaoke was when he was in 2 year of Middle school. When Zelo first met Daehyun, he thought Daehyun was younger than him. Himchan sleeps naked. Zelo practices 20 hours a day & he still feel like it wasn’t enough. Zelo said watching SUJU & DBSK brought him to become a singer. According to Jong Up, Youngjae is very funny and care-free. Jong Up grinds his teeth in his sleep

Contributed by Cecilia Van Pratt

When Zelo was younger and his mom wouldn’t give him what he wanted , so he would often lay on the crosswalk & would get in trouble . Zelo is the most awkward with Youngjae Zelo takes pride in his LTE rap the most . Zelo was once got called “dumb” before . Zelo has the image of not washing up often , so Zelo once said that it’s actually Jongup who doesn’t wash often . I’m the tallest & because of that , I’m trying hard to stop my puberty as best as I can . - Zelo Zelo favorite movie is 2012 He wants to go shopping in Japan He love skateboards If he could be another member , he would choose gukkie . He is very close to Jong-Up BABY ZELO IS A ROBOT

Contributed by Cecilia Van Pratt

They have a lot of international fans, and they just finished their live on earth USA tour

Contributed by Cecilia Van Pratt

Yongguk is the leader ^^

Contributed by Cecilia Van Pratt

Very good looking

Contributed by Cecilia Van Pratt

The six members dye their hair blonde sometimes, but theyre still easy to tell apart

Contributed by Cecilia Van Pratt

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