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Breakdance, or B-Boying is one of the more common dance styles in the nation. It is a dance that anybody can pick up, yet very hard to master due too there being a vast majority of different moves, freezes, and the like. Breakdancing can be split up into three major groups; Top rock, Foot-work, and Power. Top rock, as you can probably guess, is all the style when you are standing, these kinds of moves add your own spunk and style to your dance, and define you as a unique dancer. Some examples of Top Rock are Indian step and Side Step. Footwork is the same as Top Rock except there is one difference. Footwork is the style on the floor, this consists of Six-Step, Two-Step, PeterPans, etc. They add flare to your floor technique.

Contributed by Bailey Monroe

Break Dancing Battle

Contributed by J.c. Cervantes

Russian kicks. Pretty darn cool.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

From kip-up to rubber bands

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Another kip-up tutorial. Learn by watching.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

1990s spin. Get your handstand solid before trying this.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Baby swipes look pretty cool and are a good stepping stone to other moves.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Another decent windmill tutorial. Get those splits on lock!

Contributed by Empriś Durden

How to get your backspins down. I love how this includes specific exercises.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Basic bboy moves for beginners: including cc's

Contributed by Empriś Durden

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