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Take a breather.

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Simply Beautiful

I would love to study here!

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When the leaves turn colors in the fall, they actually are returning to their normal colors. During the summer months, the chlorophyll present in the leaves causes the leaves to turn green, blocking the leaves' actual colors.

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"If you say 'pumpkin spice latte' in the mirror 3 times, a white girl in yoga pants will appear & tell you all her favorite things about fall." -tumblr

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Autumn Leaves Art Project

Leaves and Mod Podge. Tutorial at

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Finding love

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It's when the trees are a beautiful color, the weather is perfect, and the days are full of love for life, beauty, and for each other.

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Chaucer first used the word autumn c 1374, which is derived from Latin autumnus/auctumnus. The use of fall to mean autumn in North American English comes from the phrase fall of the leaf and it came into use by 1545 for this time of year when the leaves fall from the trees.

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In Germany

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Colors of Nature

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