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BMW z4 hard top convertible

Contributed by Kyle Raddatz

Car Logos

Some car logos over the years

Contributed by Chloe Temple

Cars are rolling art, moving masterpieces. With rims, paint, bumper stickers even air fresheners. Cars are personalized,. These are often subtle and often huge differences, but differences they are. These art works we call cars.

Contributed by Clay Dorough

I am going to let you know of some of the common things that go wrong with a firebird v6. 1. The heater hoses will fail on this car due to the fittings being made of plastic there is a aftermarket kit that you can buy on it works great and will last. There is a tool you should get to get those hard to get hose clamps near the firewall called flexible hose clamp pliers. change the fittings before they fail or you will have to get towed home when they do. 2. The BCM or Body Control Module likes to wack out witch will cause your radio to turn on and off while driving and some times the windows will not work or rolling them up or down will turn the radio back on it is located behind the glove box. You can vix this by fixing the connection or replacing the BCM. 3. If the fuel pump goes out the car will start to loose power and stall. When you step on the gas the car will have little to no power. The Cheap way to get the fuel pump out is to cut a hole in the truck to get the fuel pump out but It is better to drop the tank and do it because who wants a hole in there car.

Contributed by Aaron Firebird Dracoulis

Who doesn't like pink?!

Contributed by Carolin Cruz

Advise for taking care or your car.

Contributed by Kaywin Cottle

Ferrari 512TR, made in 1993 and has a top speed of just over 200 miles an hour.

Contributed by Devin Johns

2012 was the first year hybrid prototype racecars were entered in the Le Mans marathon car competition. Audi's debut of their eTron Quattro cars, (one of two different car makes with model hybrids the other being Toyota's hybrid prototype) won Audi the top winning spots in the race. Audi's experimental hybrid engine design will be put in production cars within the next 10 years. Hybrid cars will definitely be stronger, faster, and more interesting.

Contributed by Cheryl Edora

Invention of Automobile

Contributed by Arshdeep Singh

A new car design process using simulation. It seems this is more efficient.

Contributed by Carlos Oyuela-Mora