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Automeris io

Automeris io (Io moth) is a colorful North American moth in the family Saturniidae. It ranges from the southeast corner of Manitoba and in the southern extremes of Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick in Canada, and in the US it is found from Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, east of those states and down to the southern end of Florida.

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Cute & Dangerious!

This beautiful picture shows how innocent the Io Moth looks. Don't let this moth's cuteness fool you, it's extremely dangerous. The tiny needle like structures on its back contain poison that can pack a real punch! I know from experience, unaware that this little guy was poisons I carried him around until my hand started stinging. Next time you go to pick up a little critter make sure it's not poisonous. (My own photograph)

Contributed by Yasmin Carril

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