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Atmosphere (music group)

Atmosphere is an American hip hop duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota, consisting of rapper Slug (Sean Daley) and DJ/producer Ant (Anthony Davis). Since its formation in 1989, the group has released eight studio albums and ten extended plays.

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Atmosphere- Sunshine Lyrics Ain't no way to explain or say How painful the hangover was today In front of the toilet, hands and knees Trying to breathe in between the dry heaves My baby made me some coffee Afraid that if I drink some it's probably coming right back out me Couple of advil, relax and chill At a standstill with how bad I feel I think I need to smell fresh air So I stepped out the back door and fell down the stairs The sunlight hit me dead in the eye Like it's mad I gave half the day to last night My bad sight made me trip on my ass right into that patch of grass like that's life All of a sudden, I realize something The weather is amazing, even the birds are bumpin Stood up and took a look and a breath And there's that bike that I forgot that I possessed Never really seen exercise as friendly But I thing something's telling me to ride that ten speed The brakes are broken, it's alright The tires got air and the chain seems tight Hopped on and felt the summertime, It reminds me of one of them Musab lines like [Chorus 2X] Sunshine, sunshine, it's fine I feel it in my skin, warming up my mind, Sometimes you gotta give in to win, I love the days when it shines, whoa let it shine If I could I would keep this feeling in a plastic jar Bust it out whenever someone's actin hard Settle down, barbeque in the backyard The kids get treats and old folks get classic cars Every day that gets to pass is a success Every woman looks better in a sun dress The sunshine's an excuse to shoot hoops, get juice Show improve their moves and let loose I hear voices, I see smiles to match em Good times and you can feel it in the fashion Even though the heat cooks up the action The streets still got butterflies Enough kids to catch 'em Ridin my bike around these lakes man Feelin like I finally figured out my escape plan Take it all and the day started off all wrong Somehow now that hangover is all gone Ain't nothing like the sound of the leaves When the breeze penetrates these southside trees Leanin' up against one, watchin the vibe Forgettin' all about the stress, thanking god I'm alive It's so simple, I had to keep the song simple When I get home I'm gonna open all the windows Feelin all right, stopped at a stop sign A car pulled up, bumpin Fresh Prince's Summertime [Chorus 2X]

Contributed by Diana Elisa

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