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Not only are these goals epic, but notice how advanced technology got over the years! So crazy to see history from then until now in 6 minutes.

Contributed by Angela Loomis

Anyone can play soccer, the greatest sport ever!!!

Contributed by Evan Williams

Lionel Messi, the greatest futbol player of all time and my personal favorite.

Contributed by Angelina Rebaza

David Beckham is one of the most inspirational soccer players that ever lived. David Beckham took his whole reputation to the lowest and highest level in his soccer career. In his experience, David Beckham played in the World Cup. The World Cup is statistically the most important tournament in a nation for soccer. For David Beckham, there has been a game for his national country, England, in which they played a frustrating game. David Beckham performed an absolute careless tackle on the opposing player. This led to the loss of the game and, unintentionally, the elimination of his national team from the World Cup. David Beckham was blamed and hated for his destruction in the World Cup. However, the next World Cup, David Beckham continued his battle for World Cup glory. In one of the most important games for his country, he displayed worthy heart. England needed one more goal to help them advance to the next stage of the World Cup. In the final seconds of the game, David Beckham scores that final goal that put his team ahead. This moment in time, David Beckham has been inspirational due to his strength and stride for success. This may be a lesson for individuals who need to be inspired and continue their pursuit of happiness.

Contributed by Phillip Gafanovich

Soccer is a fun sport that is played with a ball.

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete

This is another easy to follow instructional video on how to do the rainbow

Contributed by Erin Koren

This is my personally favorite soccer trick. Its called the rainbow and listed is a short video that shows how to complete the rainbow.

Contributed by Alison Doran

This is just a short video on the basics of soccer and training. Helpful for one who is interested in soccer but has never played.

Contributed by Alison Doran