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Asher Brown Durand

Asher Brown Durand (August 21, 1796 – September 17, 1886) was an American painter of the Hudson River School.

Early life
Durand was born in and eventually died in Maplewood, New Jersey (then called Jefferson Village), the eighth of eleven children; his father was a watchmaker and a silversmith.

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The Beeches

This is my favorite piece of Asher Brown Durand's, and quite possibly my all-time favorite. Last March, I got a chance to go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and see it. I was so excited! I just stood gazing at it in awe. It was really neat to see his brush strokes up close. His ability to capture detail and light is quite stunning. There was a quote of Durand's on one of the museum labels that read, "That is a fine picture which at once takes possession of you--draws you into it--you traverse it--breathe its atmosphere--feel its sunshine, and you repose in its shade without thinking of its design or execution, effect or color."

Contributed by Jenna Julien

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