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Hello, my name John Van Nguyen. One of my aspirations is to have a career as an artist. It is a dream of mine to be an artist using different types of medium to express me as an individual. Part of why I want to become an artist as a dream job is because I love making art. My art has to have meaning behind it, whether it come from inspiration or from the process of making art. Art without meaning or concept behind it has no beauty for me. I find it interesting when different practices of art combine to fuse as one such as the mixture of drawing, painting, photography, film, sculpture, sound, and installations. There is so much to learn and experience. The visual arts appeal to me because of the excitement I get once my work is done and presented in front of an audience. Without an audience, there is no artist. Although my works appear to be finished, there is this craving inside of me that wants to continue working and improve my skills as an artist. My dreams is to work in the entertainment industry such as Disney Studios as a multimedia artist. In order achieve such heights, I have to be updated with the latest software to utilize in the process of making art. I believe that working amongst other artists would help me grow exponentially and experience many different styles. I would love to have a career like that in the future because making art is what I like. Someday, I will find my way there, but for now, I will continue to work hard to make my dreams come true.

Contributed by John Van Nguyen

Not only is art on a canvas but it's in the world around us. Everywhere. The whole world is art. If we just stop for a second to see what's around, there is beauty amongst it all.

Contributed by Skye Kim

Oil Paining by Me. Oil Paintings have been a prominent art form for years. They have been used in a resplendent amount of art movements (such as impressionism and post impressionism). The oil (typically linseed or sunflower) is added as a paint thinner. My painting above is inspired by post impressionism (Van Gogh), Surrealism (Dali), and Expressionism. I used more paint then I used oil, to make the effect of a darker, thicker, and fuller image on the canvas. I use a range of brush sizes (from a size 5 round brush to a size 8 flat brush- the number tells the length and thickness of the bristles and the shape is the shape the bristles are placed) as well as palette knives (used to apply paint in larger quantities with the ability to apply and spread multiple colors) to achieve the affect I see that artists such as van Gogh, Serat, and O'Keefe use. Oil paintings are quite pulchritudious and were most popular in western Europe around the 1800s and are now well known and used by many artists to add to the beauty of the world.

Contributed by Shannon Van Law

Jon McDonald is an artist and illustrator. Some of his work is at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and titled Slavery's Chill.

Contributed by Ashley Brecken

saw his work in the Grand Rapids Art Museum and heard him speak at GVSU. This guy is great!

Contributed by Ashley Brecken

Art of Eric Jones

Contributed by Marta Marut

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Contributed by Derek Lin

tattoos. one of the many forms of art.

Contributed by Nga Tran

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh was the view from the asylum which he stayed at in France

Contributed by Aileen Chang

Believe it or not but this is a painting! NOT a photograph! Chuck Close's self-portrait. Acrylic on canvas

Contributed by Aileen Chang