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Amazing! Wish I could do this

Contributed by Dymond N. Scarborough

For those of us too young to drink but not too young to dream...

Contributed by Alison Wonderland

final drawing

Contributed by Jean Japal

my skecth

Contributed by Jean Japal

Something that I found on Tumblr and thought would be nice to share

Contributed by Evelyn Philistin

We had to create modules out of cardboard. I chose to do puzzle pieces and we had to make them thick, hollow, or curved. I was going to do a hollow puzzle piece but then ran into problems so I just stacked the cardboard and cut it out with a little saw machine.

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Kangaroo armer my friend made in our 3D art class

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Swampy black and gold style

Contributed by Tara Bell

that lion looking east

Contributed by Adnan Ahmed

Jooka Mari a character my friend Alicia Contreras drew

Contributed by Christopher Lee Nam