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This was my third project for my 3D design class. We had to do a conceptual piece that was made from found objects and had a double meaning. In my piece I used a wooden umbrella which I had left over as a wedding favor. I took off all the paper and just the structure was left. then I painted all the wood silver to look like metal. I used black fabric cut up from old shirts and I glued thumb tacks to dowels that I also painted silver. I used twine to tie up the key that I took off an old necklace and painted to make it look rustic as well as a heart I sewed out of old red shirts. Its supposed to be a cage for your heart and when you try and give it to someone you are putting yourself out there to get hurt. An umbrella is supposed to protect you from the rain but in this case it is keeping the heart safe from outsiders but also there to hurt your heart when your willing to give it away. This was a very personal meaning to me because of what I went through in my life.

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

This was a very time consuming piece. My sketches of the dolphin armor were very elaborate and because we were using sheet metal and only had a short time period to get this project completed I had to greatly simplify what I was going to do. This is what I ended up making because of the time restraint. I learned how to do rivets in this project which was rather fun.

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Art speaks in mysterious ways...

Contributed by Jimeyah Ware


Contributed by Diamond Clay


Contributed by Diamond Clay

I love these pieces by the amazing abstract expressionist Cy Twombly.

Contributed by Alexis Fenn

On the pavements of Wroclaw, Poland

Contributed by Carolin Cruz

More hair!

Contributed by Lauren Pierce

The Queen

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i love hair

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