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Awesome, totally awesome! Mirror City by Michael Shainblum gives the viewers a kaleidoscopic view on some of America's biggest cities. If you are a fan of cityscapes and wish to see them in a form that is unique, abstract, fascinating yet while being cohesive, this video is for you!

Contributed by Justin Jackson

Surrealism was a movement in philosophy, art, and film. Artists created odd, patchwork creatures, and unnerving scenes of illogical proportions and impossible physics. They mimicked the unconscious, dream world of the mind in their paintings.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

To see a large portfolio of Liquid Sculptures (water drop art), go to this link.

Contributed by Keri Potter

Water drop art.

Contributed by Keri Potter

And to think he did all of that with his feet...

Contributed by Keri Potter

newspaper blackout poetry

Contributed by Keri Potter

Mark Jenkins uses tape to create incredibly realistic sculptures made of tape.

Contributed by Darcy Welling

It's all about perception

Contributed by Courtney Kelly

This was my first project I got assigned in my 3D art class. We had to make a food object out of wire. This was difficult at first becuase I couldnt figure out how to attach the pieces together but I eventually figured out how to wrap the wire tightly around another piece. The food object I chose was a gourd and mine was a mini plastic one that I bought in a pack at a craft store.

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

For my second project in my 3D design class we had to make a 3D triangle and box out of matte board and dowels. They had to be hollow and all we could use to put them together was ordinary elmers glue. Its actually a lot harder than it looks. Then we had to create a asymetrical hollow object that had 25 sides. Mine had a lot more sides :/ and we had to make it out of the dowels and matte board.Then we had to take both apart and use every piece to create an abstract object and this is what mine ended up looking like

Contributed by Jessica Kieft