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3D Tatto

one of the most unique ways to express yourself Best form of art

Contributed by Malia Alexis

A style created by Picasso and later to be copied by many others, Cubism shows everyday objects and people as if they were viewed from multiple sides at once. You could say this was the 3D of the 1910s!

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

Modern Art is defined as art produced after the late 1860s that rejected the norms that everyone else liked to follow. It's thought of as a radical style, and included expressionism, impressionism, and cubism. As an example, here's The Scream by Edvard Munch.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

There's something kind of sad, yet beautiful, about this.

Contributed by Keri Potter

Melancholy Gray-Scale

Contributed by Sara Cornett

Digital painting done by sakimi-chan on :)

Contributed by Kelsie Blackston

Part of my Cooper Union hometest -diagnostic self portrait

Contributed by Antara Morfe

painting by Alyssa Monks

Contributed by Antara Morfe


Contributed by Iesha Liberato

This is simply AMAZING!!

Contributed by Carolin Cruz