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3-D Art

This is like a painting spilling off of the canvas, but it is actually a surreal drawing! The artist is Tim O'Brien.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


This artwork is made by pealing off the top layer of cardboard, exposing the under layer. It is a simple concept but difficult to execute.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


This table is made of glass prisms that refract the light around the room!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


This is a small city made completely out of staples, it looks just like a big city!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Not only is the level of difficulty extremely high, but the performance tugs at the heartstrings as the artist depicts the sorrows of World War II.

Contributed by Jordan See

Very Thought-Provoking Paintings

If you haven't already, take a look at the collective works by Pawel Kuczynski. These thought-provoking and powerful depictions of our world really make you question the things we take for granted every day. See them here:

Contributed by Jordan See

To: Far, Far Away

This is a gorgeous watercolor.

Contributed by Katlyn Powers

Painted Stairs

These stairs just brighten up the whole area. This site shows 17 different painted staircases and where they are. Each of them is so creative and adds a lot of color and pop to the area. These stairs happen to be in San Francisco.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Artist uses molten aluminum to cast an anthill.

Contributed by Laura Kathleen

Nail and Strings

This is kind of like the typical nail and string art that I have seen but with one difference. With this work, it is almost like the image is being projected onto the wall because all of the strings start off away. This would be even cooler if it was the spider man symbol instead, because the string could be like the web he shoots out of his hands!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec