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A photorealistic drawing by Diego Fazio.

Dude has a lot of talent!

Contributed by Quentrez George

I draw this during my sophomore year, my art teacher was such a great teacher she always told us that everything on a canvas or paper is art, and there is no ugly art, we have to appreciate everything around us and consider it as a piece of art

Contributed by Paola Aleman

The Passage of Time

I painted this myself. Acrylic on canvas

Contributed by Jayde Archbold

$he $poke Real $low, Wouldn't Look Me in the Eye by Amanda Joseph

Someone needs a foot operation! lol But amazing painting though!

Contributed by Quentrez George

Maneater by Amanda Joseph

Here's another great painting by Amanda Joseph!

Contributed by Quentrez George

$oiled Teenage Girlfriend ($he Wants It) by Amanda Joseph

I love her obsessive detail and originality in her paintings! I also love her usage of color.

Contributed by Quentrez George