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Model Sketch

Nehh. Drew in Art Class.

Contributed by Tunaa Fish

Betrayal by Aegis Strife

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

Durlar Paper Sketch

In addition to sketching on yuppo paper, I found Durlar works very similar. What's cool is that durlar is transparent, so you have the option of shining light through it. In the future I'd like to make a lightbox to display my durlar sketches...

Contributed by Hamuburger Dior'is

CS6 and the clone tool

I love making digital collages, and I especially love the clone tool in photoshop! This tool lets you copy and "stamp" a section of an image.. you can make some really cool things using this tool. This image is a sketch I made using the tool. Check it out!

Contributed by Hamuburger Dior'is

Watercolor on Yuppo sketch

Last semester in school, I learned about this new plastic-ish paper called yuppo! I used to like painting on posterboard for the drying effects, but this yuppo paper is more durable and ideal for a fine artist... check it out!

Contributed by Hamuburger Dior'is


Contributed by Quentrez George

You might have to stare at this one for while to get it.

Contributed by Quentrez George

Here's another optical illusion painting!

Contributed by Quentrez George

I love illusion art!

Contributed by Quentrez George

A photorealistic drawing by Diego Fazio.

And the finished product!

Contributed by Quentrez George