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Amazing Timelapse Photography of Smeared Sky near Cornwall in the UK

Contributed by Fatima Chaudhry

Breathtaking Image of Siberia’s Lake Baikal with Turquise Cracks...

Breathtaking Image of Siberia’s Lake Baikal with Turquise Cracks Formed in the Spring

Contributed by Fatima Chaudhry

Impressive Photography Depicting Day and Night in New York City

Contributed by Fatima Chaudhry

Spring Time in...

Beautiful Photo of Spring Time in Central Park - New York

Contributed by Fatima Chaudhry


Incredible Dragon Carved Out of Sand in China

Contributed by Fatima Chaudhry


Amazing Photo of Fireworks over St Basils Cathederal in Russia

Contributed by Fatima Chaudhry

Artist: Eelke van Willegen

"Eelke van Willegen (1974) creates art of great simplicity. Artless, natural, still and without further ado. The artist is a surfer. Surfing is fun. But surfing is also about reaching an inner tranquillity. Reading the wave. Knowing the water. The flight, a perfect union of body, water, wind and sky. Tasting the salt scum on your lips. Surfing, plain and simple. But appearances may be deceiving; on closer inspection his work proves to be complex and carefully thought-out. Form is guided by action. Like the ocean-floor moulds the wave and shapes it according to the tides. Eelke captures the visible world in either a simple drawing or a three-dimensional work of art. Powerful essentials. Neither easily accomplished, nor easily spot." Via Little Paper Planes:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

American Artist Matthew Craven

The Jealous Curator says: "Ooooooh… rainbows, ancient artifacts, and dizzying/aztec-ish pencil markings. Yep, this is new work by American artist Matthew Craven! Love. All of these mixed media pieces {drawing & collage} are from Matthew’s latest solo show." More:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

This guy is simply a genius! You wouldn't believe your eyes if those pictures are photographs or pencil drawings.

Contributed by Neha Bansal

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Impossible has the words " I'm possible".

Contributed by Jessica Sara