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This man uses a rake in the sand to create beatufil art

Contributed by Kelli Niemeier



Contributed by Jordan Griffin

One of the most gorgeous fantasy paintings I have seen. His oil painting mastery is something to envy at. Check this guy's art out his fantasy paintings are unreal!

Contributed by Izzy Gomez

Iron Spider

My attempt at the iron spider

Contributed by David Arredondo

Moving moment from Abromavic's "The Artist is Present"

Contributed by Amber Jipson

The Art of Tattoos

I believe one of the most beautiful art types is tattoos. It is a life long piece of art and dedication. This why I will continue to get tattoos!!!

Contributed by Morgan Lee

Wall Art is a Gorgeous Dedication to yourself

I believe that Wall Art is a beautiful style and way to express yourself. It lets you truly decorate your home the way you want it. It helps turn a house into a home! I am firm believer in wall art- from pictures to murals!

Contributed by Morgan Lee

Guerilla Art

The best type of art is the kind that can turn an everyday object into something beautiful.

Contributed by Isabella Diorio

A picture speaks a thousand words .... a few words spoken to me from this - a release of all sorrows and burdens

Contributed by Makayla Rushing

Its probably not what you think it is

This is an art piece of an alligator, made by Albert Paley! This was made for a GREEN and nature filled campus in Florida... Florida Gulf Coast University to be exact.

Contributed by Jasmine Amalia Harvey