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3 Vans Project

This is made from acrylic paint. This is my first ever painting and I'm proud to share it with others! I found that color matching was easiest with this paint. The only downside was how quick it dries.

Contributed by Shelby McNeil Fenter



My first time experimenting with india ink.

Contributed by Rocio Cerrillo


The best thing about art is that if you make it with your own two hands no one else can take it away from you or duplicate it. It is your own creation and that is forever.

Contributed by Madi Tilman

This is amazing. I got some watercolor techniques and tips just by watching this video.

Contributed by Yuchen Sha

My continuation of a photo of the House on the Rock

Contributed by Alex Hartmann

Marcello Barenghi has a talent for drawing still life. He objects like crushed soda cans, apples, newspapers, etc. on his YouTube channel. After the artwork is complete, though you've watched him draw it, it still pops off of the page as if he put it there and not drew it.

Contributed by Joseph Perry

I think this video makes a bold statement about how a person's image can be manipulated using the technology we have available right now. The video's lyrics speak out about how we should not be a "product" to be beautified to fit the common acceptance of appearances.

Contributed by Katie Scott

There is a form of art, called shadow art.

Contributed by Hayley Justine Abernathy

A drawing of three hands drawing each other. It's a drawing of a drawing of a drawing of a drawing in a cycle.

Contributed by Joseph Perry

Look at how realistic this is!

Contributed by Joseph Perry