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A Building That Plays Music When It Rains. This building is located in Dresden, Germany.

Contributed by Laura Diana Escamilla

Salt lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple. Took 40 years to build!

Contributed by Devin LaBar

Homes with retractable walls

Dezeen says: "Modernist architects working in tropical climates are increasingly designing homes where you can't tell if you're indoors or outdoors. In this special feature we explore the trend and speak to a Brazilian architect responsible for a series of spectacular homes that blur the distinction between home and garden" More:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Falling Water- Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water, a house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, was built on top of a waterfall to master the incorporating of nature into architecture.

Contributed by Grace Li-Haug

You don't see a lot of this in the world

Cool architecture buildings in Dubai. Wanna go see it one day.

Contributed by Mariztella Flores

Krzywy Domek (Crooked House) in Sopot, Poland.

Contributed by Aisha Fall

Germany's architecture was based on the Influence of what was going on around them. For example in the 13th century the gothic style dominated and they based many buildings off of that style. It is incredible how someone can tell the difference between the building architecture and tell which period it was built in.

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

Time lapse of the new World Trade Center known as One World Trade Center

Contributed by Thomas James Pierce

Desert City

Contributed by Thomas James Pierce


Contributed by Thomas James Pierce