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One of the greenest architecture firms in the United States has developed a way to make a building lose its shadow. Good news for condensed cities like London and NYC

Contributed by Laura Kathleen

Maison d'Adam

Built around 1490, the Maison d'Adam is a medieval half-timbered home in Angers, France.

Contributed by Katlyn Powers

El Palacio de Cristal

This crystal palace was created by Fani Iglesias

Contributed by Katlyn Powers

Sandstone Home

House built into the sandstone in Festus, Mo

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

"The Green Machine" by Malka Architecture

Could this be the future for sustainable cities? This incredible design features a machine that not only revegetates dessert land, but also serves as a fully functioning "mobile city".

Contributed by Jessie Anne Wright

Futuristic styled home

What I wouldn't do to live here.

Contributed by Adam Trujillo

I think this is pretty cool! What do you guys think?

Contributed by Greg Auld

Paramount Theater turned into a Gym

What was once the largest movie palace in all of Brooklyn was converted (and preserved) into a gym in the 1960s. It's incredible to see how this beautiful building was put to a new use.

Contributed by Marchelle Lundquist


Contributed by Kira Pfost

The Burj Khalifa tallest building structure in the world.

This is the world's tallest building in the middle east.

Contributed by Ryan Bourland

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