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Arabian horse

The Arabian or Arab horse (Arabic: الحصان العربي[ ħisˤaːn ʕarabiː], DMG ḥiṣān ʿarabī) is a breed of horse that originated on the Arabian Peninsula. With a distinctive head shape and high tail carriage, the Arabian is one of the most easily recognizable horse breeds in the world. It is also one of the oldest breeds, with archaeological evidence of horses in the Middle East that resemble modern Arabians dating back 4,500 years. Throughout history, Arabian horses have spread around the world by both war and trade, used to improve other breeds by adding speed, refinement, endurance, and strong bone. Today, Arabian bloodlines are found in almost every modern breed of riding horse.

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A beautiful example of an Arabians dish-shaped head.

Contributed by Amberly Gray

An Arabian horse

Contributed by Amberly Gray

Arabians are known for being the most beautiful breed of horse. Their defining characteristic is their dish shaped heads. They are smaller than most horses, and many verge on being classified as ponies (which are horses under 14 hands). Arabians are known by the horse community as being tightly-wound, but most are good, calm horses. Arabians are used in some long distance races, as they are not the fastest breed or horse but were bred to travel long distances without water. Now they are bred mostly for show and for sport. Arabians are shown in halter, western, native dress, English, and hunter. They are not usually used as rodeo horses or jumpers though. Arabians are a beautiful, elegant breed of horse that deserve recognition around the world.

Contributed by Amberly Gray

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