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Apple earbuds

Apple EarPods are white in-ear headphones included with music players and smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. They are designed to fit the ear while retaining a new design pushed by Apple alongside the iPod and iPod Touch products, with which they were sold together. They are the standard headphones provided with Apple iPhone purchases.

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I absolutely love the new earbud and this just about sums up how great they are. I guess now we will have to start upgrading headphones along with the phones.

Contributed by Ben Trabing

Sorry for posting the picture of my tangle- free earbuds and not posting the site that taught me how to make them the way they are. Here it is!

Contributed by Arely Hernandez Cruz

Try this!

An idea I found on Pinterest. Prevents tangles and protects earbuds all while giving them a colorful look!

Contributed by Arely Hernandez Cruz

How to organize your ear buds.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

The Latest Model!

Contributed by Arshid Yaqoob

Introducing the all-new Apple Earpods, a breakthrough for ears everywhere. Designed by Apple in California.

Contributed by Don Hudson

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