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Antimicrobial resistance

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Sorry that this is so graphic, but it should give an idea as to how serious antibiotic resistance can be!! This is a picture of MRSA. It is becoming a real problem, especially in hospitals. WASH YOUR HANDS!!

Contributed by Kristin Redmann

I am a biology/medical technology major, and take a huge interest in studying bacteria/fungi. There's so much that the general population should know about antibiotics and their risks, but don't receive the information unless they're in the medical field. First and most important is how dangerous it is to only take half a dose of antibiotics. Taking antibiotics only until one feels better will kill the weakest bacteria and leave the remaining bacteria to grow stronger and multiply. In turn, this could lead to resistance to certain antibiotics. Besides the increasing popularity of antibiotic resistance, taking antibiotics regularly gives fungi the perfect opportunity to grow. One of the most common reasons people get fungal infections is while they're taking antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the bacteria in the infected area of the body, which gives fungus the chance to take over and grow. Depending on whether the person is immunocompromised or not, a fungal infection can spread and become very dangerous!

Contributed by Kristin Redmann

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