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Anthony Hopkins filmography

The following is the filmography of veteran actor Sir Anthony Hopkins.


Title Year Role Director Notes
The White Bus 1967 Brechtian Lindsay Anderson
The Lion in Winter 1968 Richard Anthony Harvey
The Looking Glass War 1969 John Avery Frank Pierson
Hamlet Claudius Tony Richardson
Uncle Vanya 1970 Astrov Christopher Morahan
When Eight Bells Toll 1971 Philip Calvert Etienne Perier
Young Winston 1972 David Lloyd George Richard Attenborough
A Doll's House Torvald Helmer Patrick Garland
The Girl from Petrovka 1974 Kostya Robert Ellis Miller
Juggernaut Supt. John McCleod Richard Lester
All Creatures Great and Small 1975 Siegfried Farnon Claude Whatham
The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case 1976 Bruno Richard Hauptmann Buzz Kulik
A Bridge Too Far 1977 Lt. Col. John D. Frost Richard Attenborough
Audrey Rose Elliot Hoover Robert Wise
Magic 1978 Corky Withers/Voice of Fats Richard Attenborough
International Velvet Captain Johnson Bryan Forbes
The Elephant Man 1980 Dr. Frederick Treves David Lynch
A Change of Seasons Adam Evans Richard Lang
The Bunker 1981 Hitler George Schaefer
The Bounty 1984 Lieutenant William Bligh Roger Donaldson
'''' 1985 Bill Hooper Mike Newell
84 Charing Cross Road 1987 Frank Doel David Jones
'''' 1988 Angus Barrie Robert Knights
'''' 1989 Dafydd Ap Llewellyn Michael Winner
Desperate Hours 1990 Tim Comell Michael Cimino
Dylan Thomas: Return Journey Himself Directorial debut
'''' 1991 Dr. Hannibal Lecter Jonathan Demme
Freejack 1992 Ian McCandless Geoff Murphy
Spotswood Errol Wallace Mark Joffe
Howards End Henry J. Wilcox James Ivory
Bram Stoker's Dracula Professor Abraham Van Helsing Francis Ford Coppola
Chaplin George Hayden Richard Attenborough
The Trial 1993 The Priest David Jones
'''' Bob Glass John Schlesinger
'''' James Stevens James Ivory
Shadowlands Jack Lewis Richard Attenborough
'''' 1994 Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Alan Parker
Legends of the Fall Col. William Ludlow Edward Zwick
Nixon 1995 Richard Nixon Oliver Stone
August 1996 Ieuan Davies Himself Also director
Surviving Picasso Pablo Picasso James Ivory
'''' 1997 Charles Morse Lee Tamahori
Amistad John Quincy Adams Steven Spielberg
'''' 1998 Don Diego de la Vega / Zorro Martin Campbell
Meet Joe Black William Parrish Martin Brest
Instinct 1999 Dr. Ethan Powell Jon Turteltaub
Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box Narrator Brett Leonard
Titus Titus Andronicus Julie Taymor
'''' 2000 Mission Commander Swanbeck John Woo Uncredited
How the Grinch Stole Christmas The Narrator Ron Howard Voice
Hannibal 2001 Dr. Hannibal Lecter Ridley Scott
Hearts in Atlantis Ted Brautigan Scott Hicks
Bad Company 2002 Officer Oakes Joel Schumacher
Red Dragon Dr. Hannibal Lecter Brett Ratner
Shortcut to Happiness 2003 Daniel Webster Alec Baldwin
'''' Coleman Silk Robert Benton
Alexander 2004 Ptolemy I Soter Oliver Stone
Proof 2005 Robert John Madden
'''' Burt Munro Roger Donaldson
Bobby 2006 John Emilio Estevez Also executive producer
All the King's Men Judge Irwin Steven Zaillian
Slipstream 2007 Felix Bonhoeffer Himself Also director and writer
Fracture Theodore "Ted" Crawford Gregory Hoblit
Beowulf Hrothgar Robert Zemeckis
Where I Stand: The Hank Greenspun Story 2008 Narrator Scott Goldstein Documentary
Immutable Dream of Snow Lion Riccardo Spinotti Short film
The City of Your Final Destination 2009 Adam Gund James Ivory
'''' 2010 Sir John Talbot Joe Johnston
The Third Rule Fabian Hogarth Aundre Johnson Short film
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Alfie Shepridge Woody Allen
'''' 2011 Father Lucas Mikael Håfström
Thor Odin Kenneth Branagh
360 2012 John Fernando Meirelles
Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock Sacha Gervasi
Red 2 2013 Edward Bailey Dean Parisot
'''' Odin Alan Taylor
Noah 2014 Methuselah Darren Aronofsky
Kidnapping Freddy Heineken 2015 Freddy Heineken Daniel Alfredson
Solace John Clancy Afonso Poyart Also executive producer
Blackway Lester Daniel Alfredson Also producer
Misconduct 2016 Denning Shintaro Shimosawa
Collide Hagen Kahl Eran Creevy
'''' 2017 Sir Edmund Burton Michael Bay
'''' Odin Taika Waititi

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fanart from the movie "Hannibal" based off of Thomis Harris' book of the same name. Featured are Julianne Moore and Anthony Hopkins

Contributed by Kaela Pulanco

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