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An anime convention is an event or gathering with a primary focus on anime, manga and Japanese culture. Commonly, anime conventions are multi-day events hosted at convention centers, hotels or college campuses. They feature a wide variety of activities and panels, with a larger number of attendees participating in cosplay than most other types of fan conventions. Anime conventions are also used as a vehicle for industry, in which studios, distributors, and publishers represent their anime related releases.

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These things should be common sense, but I know better than anyone it's easy to lose focus of what's important when living it up at a convention. 1) Stay fed and hydrated! I can't tell you how many conventions I've been to in which I didn't get enough to eat, and nearly collapsed because of it. Not to mention, drinking is common-place at conventions. A combination of dehydration, lack of nutrition, and alcohol is a bad mix! 2) Stay clean! I've dealt with more than a few people that should've practiced common hygiene. Especially considering most people share a room with 3 or 4 others, it's important to be considerate. Shower every day, and use deodorant please! 3) Most importantly, stay safe!

Contributed by Stephanie Federman

While attending an anime convention, it's always best to go all weekend. You get to experience the high and low points of each day. Going to panels for games, show screenings, fan made events, and meeting famous voice actors/designers/ect., is always a great way to get to learn new things and meet new people. There's also the opportunity to purchase all different types of merchandise. Depending on how big of a fan you are of anime, it's always good to save up on money for this portion of the convention. They even hold special events like tea parties, cafes, photo shoots, and dances. Many, if not all, conventions display a "run-way" type of event; a cosplay contest. You can either buy a costume or create your own costume. Creating your own is always more fun, to me, because you get to show off your creative and show how much you progress throughout your years. You have the option of entering individually or as a group. You can either pose for the cameras, or put on a skit, whichever you prefer. The entries of the contest can even win prizes at the end. But, the most fun filled event of the weekend are the raves at the end of each night. With glow sticks wrapped around you, you dance wildly to the music with your fellow cosplayers. The entire experience of going to a convention is so amazing. Once you go, you'll be begging to go to another as soon as possible.

Contributed by Lindsey Knee

Working at a convention is fun, but it is a LOT of hard work. I work for HAMACON, a convention located in Huntsville, Alabama. This year is my third year, and I've loved every minute of it. When you work for a convention, you're usually delegated to a section of work (registration, security, cosplay, etc). There is a head of that department who is your boss for the weekend. You work in shifts, like a regular job. You do NOT get paid; basically, you get into the convention for free. And it can be tough work; I'm usually exhausted by weekend's end. But it is definitely something to consider if you love making people happy about Japanese fan culture.

Contributed by Mollie Wyatt

Here is a place in Sacramento, California. It is really fun and you should go.

Contributed by Julie Tran

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