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How often do you see literal paper animation? Not to mention, crumbling paper explosions?

Contributed by Le Hoang


Released to the U.S. 7-05-14

Contributed by Nikki Sandrock

I came across this image a long time ago. Interesting crossover...

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

If anything, this video proves that anime can be intellectually relevant and worthwhile instead of being just another "cartoon," as some people call it. More importantly, this series has been the subject of enormous debate with regards to its question of morality. Philosotaku is a great source of such philosophical topics, often referencing Nietzsche, Aristotle, the Bible, and others to make the analyses he makes.

Contributed by Luis Cotto-Quinones

There is finally a translated and song in English for the first opening!

Audio Link

Contributed by Storm Corrow

I think GRArakada does this well.He makes his reviews interesting so you pay attention,His videos are clean and easy to watch,He explains it well and his grading system is good,along with good recommendations.I like to go to these for new anime and material for my Anime Club ,so check him out!

Contributed by Storm Corrow

Paper Fan of Doom Trope

The paper fan (called harisen) is often used in anime to slap some sense into someone acting foolish. This troupe originates from old, two-man Japanese comedy skits; the sticks used would make loud slapping noises on impact, but didn't actually hurt.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Pretty decent compilation of Soul Eater scenes, no to mention a bit creepy:)

Contributed by Tatyana Reid

A place where all otakus should go to be up to date with all things anime, manga, or Japan!

Contributed by Stephanie Marie Greenwell

A new production from Roosterteeth, a company well-know for its Red vs. Blue Series and Achivement Hunter. RWBY, comes from the first names of the main characters Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnne,Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xio Long, and their journey to save the world. No Romance, cool characters and awesome music. There's something for everyone.

Contributed by Ariel Pinales