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Anime as an art form that came to the United States from Japan. What many people fail to realize, is how much anime has contributed to American Pop Culture. The movie Ghost in the Shell served as the very inspiration for the move "The Matrix". If you were to watch the first Ghost in the Shell movie and the Matrix side-by-side, you be be able to identical scenes between the two movies. Also, some of the more recent CGI box office hits, such as Transformers, are based off of animes that originated from Japan. Animes range from simple, cute child friendly shows, to more intense story lines with plot twists no one can see coming.

Contributed by May Benge

Fruits Basket

My favorite anime! Very funny, cute, and touching

Contributed by Cynthia Hernandez



Haha honey

Contributed by Cynthia Hernandez

Fairy tail

I love that this show has taught me so much. I have grown quite fond of the characters. Highly recommend this anime to everyone!

Contributed by Cynthia Hernandez

Annual Income of Certain People in the Anime Industry

The voice actors...get WAY too much attention... Also, if you haven't seen Shirobako, I highly recommend it if you're interested in what goes on behind an anime! Being a person who wants to make an anime myself, I love it :)

Contributed by Le Hoang

Naruto is coming to an end.

Contributed by Camdon Grove

Many people will try to say that animaniacs are "nerds" or "outcasts". But Fairy Tail saved my life in a time of deep depression and I love it for that. The animaniacs are my family. The community is my home. My friends are my happiness and the characters are my hope for the future. I'm proud to be this type of maniac. I'm proud to say Fairy Tail saved my life and I'm here because of anime. ?

Contributed by Madison Powers

Poke Dance

I love you Pikachu! And squirtle is pretty cute too!

Contributed by Adam Trujillo


It took me a few hours to both draw and color this in properly. Of course, I was also watching a Dragon Ball Z movie while I was doing this for motivation and inspiration. I hadn't seen my brother in awhile and this is his favorite anime so I drew it thinking of him. I am quite proud of this work and I do my best drawings when I feel inspired. Inspiring anime is the best, even better when it holds sentimental value!

Contributed by Angela Pereira