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Deep Stuff in Anime

Throughout my time of watching anime/reading manga, I've noticed a lot of symbols and allusions including: -religious allusions (L's feet washing scene in reference to Jesus, etc) in Death Note -hidden tarot card numbers in Tokyo Ghoul (the manga) -Roman/Greek god references in Mirai Nikki -German cryptograms in Madoka Magica -real life parallels in Steins Gate -Zankyou no Terror's many connections to Icelandic culture And that's only to name a few that I remember from the top of my mind.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Steins; Gate

Motivating scientists everywhere

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Motivational Anime

It's amazing how some characters just never give up. We need to learn from them.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

The Harsh Reality of the Animation Industry

I was in for a rude awakening when I found my favorite anime series, Kara no Kyoukai, priced at $1000 on Amazon for a new set of the series’s six films. But in retrospect, the price makes quite a lot of sense. The anime industry itself has atrocious financial circulation, in which most of the income goes straight back into the production budget. Even large anime companies have only so much money flowing through to employees who work around twelve to fourteen hours a day or sometimes more, depending on deadlines. In producing anime, companies have to price the film so that not only does it cover the enormous expenditures necessary for quality animation, but also pay the production assistants, key animators, etc.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Shizuo the pacifist

Durarara!!'s characters never fail to amuse.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

The world is cruel

Look at what it did to these poor souls

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Kaneki vs Eren

Who do you think is a more tragic character?

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Hair styles of doom

Thanks animators for the warning of any impending mother character deaths. Now we know.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Enthusiastic test taking

If we all were as smart as Light...

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Why anime almost always has high school protagonists

It's true. Life seems to revolve around high school in anime.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang