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Although seen as for children, these anime can affect and appeal to everyone.

Contributed by Jade Stewart

same actress, different deminsions

I found this interesting for people who don't know

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Watch it. To Know.

If you've been watching One Piece, You'll know what this means. Lol! :P

Contributed by Leah Marie Ingreso Venenoso

After an all night anime session

Its easy to lose track of time when you watch a whole season in one go.

Contributed by Christopher de los Santos

Steins; Gate 0 (anime coming out in Fall 2015)

Steins; Gate 0 will be about an alternate timeline in which Rintaro Okabe was not able to save "her" (I'll refrain from spoilers for those who haven't seen the original Steins; Gate). Either way, this sci-fi anime is a must see, with a very minimal amount of plot holes, references to real occurrences (John Titor), and very dynamic characters.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

The interesting thing about this is that Pokemon is an anime that came out in the 90's, and it all started from a video game. However, the anime is a strong form of marketing, and to this day is still very popular. The 90's was the time of the anime renaissance, and many animes benefited from this, having strong reputations throughout the years.

Contributed by Shafiq Alleyne

Animators Earned US$28,000 on Average in Japan in 2013

I've posted about the Japanese animation industry once before, but now I have more specific numbers. Of course, different animation positions get different salaries: 2nd key animators average 1.127 million yen (US$9,392) while producers average 5.420 million yen (US$45,174). The range is pretty large, but as a whole, the entire salary range is too low for the amount of work (11 hrs/day) that animators do. The low salary for entry level animation jobs is mainly due to the cheap labor from outsourcing, which puts the entire anime industry at risk as less and less new blood enters the industry and progresses to key animators or character designers.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

The Onion for Anime

AnimeMaru is a true gem that I found while looking into anime satire. Of course, it's only funny if you know anime pretty well, but the site produces great content. Just remember: it's satire. You'd be surprised how many people in the anime community take these articles seriously. Here are some titles: PETA Protests Depiction of Animal Cruelty in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Toei Animation Admits to Losing Track of One Piece Episodes Accident Causes Fairy Tail To Be Drawn in the Style of Attack on Titan No Game No Life Anime Precipitates Breakthroughs in Game Theory Normal Cafe Opens in Akihabara New Study Shows No Clear Benefits To Being Noticed By Senpai

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Mawaru Penguindrum: an anime about fate, existentialism, & penguins

Know that feeling when you first start watching anime and it seems like the weirdest thing? That feeling wore off 2 years ago when I became a regular anime watcher. And then I stumbled across this show and felt like a newbie anime watcher all over again. This anime feels so completely absurd at face value, but when you take time to notice small things and question characters' actions, the foreshadowing and symbolism are evident. The penguin (a bird that cannot fly) symbolizes the human who doesn't belong; in the show, children who are abandoned and not "chosen" by fate are sent to a child broiler to die and become invisible. So go watch this show. It reminds me of what only anime can express.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Plastic Memories opening song end scene frame compilation

Plastic Memories was a spring 2015 anime that recently ended. As a sci-fi (ish), romance, slice-of-life anime, the show certainly delivered. The story's setting details a futuristic world in which there are androids called Giftias that basically function as people, acting as surrogate siblings, parents, or companions. The catch: they have a lifespan of 81,920 hours. After that amount of time, their memory "software" has to be retrieved. As you can imagine, this factor created for a romantic and bittersweet plot. After re-watching a few episodes, I noticed the very last few frames in the opening song change every episode (13 total). These subtle changes reflect the mood and relationship between our 2 characters in that specific episode.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang