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Mobile Suit Gundam is a popular franchise anime series that uses the theme of space age war and giant robots, called Mobile Suites. This type of genre is called "mecha." The first Gundam series was created in 1979. Since then there have been multiple remakes, sequels, and subseries carrying on that concept.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Bleach - Ichigo vs Ulquiorra (Full fight) Eng Sub

Contributed by Nnabuike 'Bike' Aneke

The premiere source for Japanese anime

Contributed by David Hamilton

Truly my favorite anime amv!!!

Contributed by Diana Dumenova

Anim is created by people with a creative mind.

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete

Sanji from One Piece, my favorite character in the series.

Contributed by Quincy Carryl

Almost everybody watches Anime nowadays, Bleach is my favorite, what is yours!?

Contributed by Andres Martinez

The Rose of Versailles

Contributed by Sümeyra Ekin

This is Naruto, a popular anime.

Contributed by Samantha Brown

After attending a panel at NDK, (Nan Desu Kan, Colorado convention) the anime industry has taken a blow due to the rough economy of the United States and Japans recent issues. Until another thing like Sailor Moon appeals to a mass audience, the prices will keep rising to combat the situation. (Learned from a harmony gold rep, they originally brought robotech to the states).

Contributed by Brittney McDonald