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JesuOtaku is a brilliant Anime reviewer. She provides the viewer with fantastically well informed knowledge on a wide variety of anime. Personally, this has helped me use more critical thinking and help discern what makes a good anime.

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make up tutorial for a cyber goth look. one can use this for raves

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I don't know about others but the reason I like anime is because a lot of these anime are based upon real-life situations. Although many of them are a little too dramatic, you can relate. There are some anime that'll help you understand what real-life situation would be like and how you can overcome them. And then there are ones where you read so much into it where you WISH your life was like the characters.

Contributed by Mai Cee Moua (sometimes some of the videos here don't work... :/ ) ( a lot of ppl says you gotta have an account to watch these animes without advertisement... if you're patient enough then you'll live. If not then create an account but it ain't free. Also if you become a member then you get to see the latest episodes. If not then you gotta wait.) ( if you like to take risks where virus won't get onto your computer, be my guest.) But yeah... some websites for many who wants to watch anime...

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I use this website to watch all my anime shows for free!

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Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are one of the most well-known openly gay couples in anime.

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Kids on the Slope is one of my favorite anime; beautifully directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. This anime is set in 1960's Japan and has unique drawing style. It deals with the awesomeness and influence of jazz music between three friends. "Jazz standards like “Moanin’”, “My Favorite Things”, and “Someday My Prince Will Come” are played along with improvisational performances that reflect the mood of the characters at the time, whether they’re in high spirits, or feel lonely, confused, angry, and so on. How these occasional performances and feelings are portrayed and directed is one more highlight of the show." I definitely recommend this one :) Quote courtesy of Crunchyroll

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The Girl Who Leapt Through TIme (2006) is a slice of life/romance/sci-fi movie. A girl (literally) stumbles upon the ability to go back in time but ends up abusing that power to make all the relationships between her friends go exactly how she wants them. It's a feel good movie with tons of twists and turns! The setting begins on July 13th, and I just happened to watch it for the first time on July 14th! *coincidence~*

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Anime is overrated said no one ever

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to all Death Note lovers :D

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