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Animal sexual behaviour

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So the United Nations office in Geneva has peacocks roaming on their land because they used to be connected to the national gardens. I studied there this past spring. This was the first time I had heard a peacock's mating call. We had seen them roaming the grounds. One day when a friend and I were in the library we heard their call. We thought they were hurt because it is a long drawn out call. They were doing this all day. As we left we saw one off in the distance and walked toward it to see if it was ok. It saw us and proceeded to give us it's mating call, and open it's feathers at us. So that's the story of how I was mistaken for a female peacock and how they sound like Kevin from "Up".

Contributed by Chelsea Reinartz

The male antechinus literally lives only to breed.

Contributed by Becca Ann Brown

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