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Golden or Strawberry Tiger

The beautiful coloring on this tiger is due to a recessive gene. They come about because of a mix between the Bengal and Amur tiger breeds (at least, they usually have Amur tiger in their ancestry at some point). Less than 30 of these are known to exist.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica


This is an example of an Okapi...butt angle. Well at least we get a good view at the neat zebra stripes on his rear end. Not part of the zebra family, although it does bear somewhat of a resemblance to the giraffe, a close zoological cousin. Ancient carvings of this animal have been found in Egypt.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

Red Wolf

Smaller than the gray wolf, the red wolf is found in Northeastern Carolina. Over 100 live in the wild, with more in captivity and breeding facilities to up their numbers.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

My favorite animal is a panda. Massive in size yet soft and appears cuddly. knowing that this is an endangered animal really breaks my heart. But I know people around the world are trying their best to protect this fluffy creatures. I love the panda because they look very mellow and cute yet they have a fearsome and protective side to them :D

Contributed by Brian Rodriguez

This was so touching. Almost made me tear up a bit.

Contributed by Rosanna Garcia

I think this is cute :)

Contributed by Chrisa Whitmore

A section of an episode of Nature, called Born Wild: The First Days of Life, showing a mother lemur unsure of what to do concerning her extremely weak baby.

Contributed by Anrique Mosley

Cool Catahoula Leopard Dog

This is the Coolest Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog you will ever meet. He is spoiled rotten, but he keeps his coolness!!!

Contributed by Tracey Battle

this website is useful when learning about cat anatomy and human anatomy in anatomy and phsiology class. I posted this in the cat section as well because this is something that can be stressed on greatly in class. I myself had to focus on the subject for over a month. Premed majors should take notice.

Contributed by Mariely Mejorado