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Monkey see monkey do

Contributed by Julie SaNchez

I think the baby chick is jealous

Animals are too cute

Contributed by Julie SaNchez

Friend or Foe?

Centipedes are arthropods that live in various habitats ranging from tropical rainforest, especially Vanuatu, all the way to deserts. They like to live in soil, places that are leafy, inside logs or wood or under stones and other materials. Centipedes can have numerous legs ranging from 10-300+. If you find yourself relaxing outside or walking through the woods and see a Centipede WATCH OUT!!! Centipedes have venomous claws that cause immediate pain at the bite source and can cause the skin to swell to double the size, potentially lasting for weeks. If you are like my friend and know where to find the claws then you can easily remove them without threat to yourself, but if you are unsure run away or kill with boiling water or knife.

Contributed by Elyse Robertson

Hippopotamus Baby!!!

A mother hippo helping the baby hippo swim. SO CUTE! Hippopotamuses are such fascinating animals!

Contributed by Heather Lange

If you ever need a mood lift, this video should do it for you!

Contributed by Luciane Castro

Love and trust

Contributed by Megan Barnes

There is a reason it is rarely seen...

The blobfish is a deep sea fish of the family Psychrolutidae. Inhabiting the deep waters off the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania,it is rarely seen by humans.

Contributed by Elizabeth Tsang

Nope it's not dead!

This is an amazing story of a man and his pet alligator!

Contributed by Josh Milligan

Making Friends!

I think this photo speaks for itself... What genuine fella! I can't stop laughing...

Contributed by Chelsea Lee

It's called BLACKFISH!!

Check it out guys, it's an eye opener and publicizes the lies behind Sea World and their killer whales kept in captivity.

Contributed by Josh Milligan