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Andrew Hollander

Andrew Hollander is a songwriter, record producer, and film composer. Hollander has written and/or produced songs for Carly Rae Jepsen, New Politics, Jojo, Brian Elmquist (The Lone Bellow), Rozes, Laura Welsh, Natalie Hemby, Ali Tamposi, Babyface, White Rabbits, The Chevin, and C. Gibbs. He co-wrote 2 songs, "Thankful" and "Always Be Your Girl", on Celine Dion's chart topping album Loved Me Back to Life which reached #1 in 31 countries. Hollander co-wrote and co-produced 2 songs for Jacquie Lee's debut EP on Atlantic Records including the single Broken Ones. He recently co-wrote and co-produced "Goddess" for Stanaj (Republic/UMG/Lava), and co-wrote and produced "Runaways" (co-written and performed by Carly Rae Jepsen) for the upcoming Weinstein Co. animated film Ballerina aka "Leap!". As a pianist, he was honored to play piano on three albums by jazz legend Yusef Lateef.

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This is Pie in the Sky from the movie "Waitress" composed by Andrew Hollander. It's a truly beautiful piece.

Contributed by Kaila Glass

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