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Amy Tan

Amy Tan (born February 19, 1952) is an American writer whose works explore mother-daughter relationships and the Chinese American experience. Her novel The Joy Luck Club was adapted into a film in 1993 by director Wayne Wang.

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Most of us were required to read "The Joy Luck Club" in grade school. It was a wonderful book but my appreciate for the author was set in stone while listening to my routine NPR on my way home from work. Amy Tan made me laugh and sigh and wish I could write a book. I found it most interesting when she explained that her mom read her book and no longer felt the need to explain things because her daughter understood her better than she thought. Such a beautiful and interesting life story! I tried to add the link but it wasn't working but 10/10 I recommend listening to the audio.

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Contributed by Caroline Tweedy


Amy Tan was born February 19, 1952

Contributed by Katlyn Powers

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