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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Education and prevention programs
AFSP funds several programs to reduce stigma and help the public better understand suicide. The Interactive Screening Program (ISP) was first piloted at Emory University and is an online tool used to connect people at risk for suicide with counselors. It has been implemented in many settings, including colleges, police departments, workplaces and the NFL Players Union. More Than Sad: Suicide Prevention Education for Teachers and Other School Personnel was designed to inform teachers and school administrators about their role in suicide prevention. It is also used to teach high school students about depression and ways to get help if they feel suicidal.

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For the past two years I have been involved with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of Darkness walks, in support of my great friends. I look to her for her strength and understanding and most importantly bravery, since she speaks about the lost of her own brother to suicide. Just recently (about three days ago) my cousin ended his own life. My family is beyond heart broken and I myself in other disbelief. I have turn to the AFPS to help in such a tragic time, as i begin to volunteer and raise more money for the organization, since I know understand truely how horrible it is to be marked a "survivor." I did learn something from my cousin's tragic end, I learned that the happiest memories are the only ones you can hold on too

Contributed by Hannah Kolkmeyer

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