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Where would we be in agriculture without a good old John Deere Tractor ?

Contributed by Brianna Mann

"Compared to what?" These three simple words were spoken by a Missouri legend, Congressman Jerry Litton, in the 1970's. Who would have thought that those same three words could still have an impact on us as American's today, over 40 years later? Agriculture is something that the world depends on to survive, from the food you eat, to the gas that you use to drive your vehicle. All around the world food and gas prices are different compared to every country. Yeah, our gas prices may be pretty high, but in Europe gas gets to over 6 dollars a gallon. In some countries a gallon of milk costs over 7 dollars, compared to 4 dollars here in America. All over the world, people rely on other countries to survive. People that live in desert climates rely on the tropical regions for fruit just like countries with a lot of wetlands rely on people in Midwest America for grains. Mr.Litton was a man of extraordinary vision, and I believe that if he was still with us today, he might speak on something like, "American agriculture, compared to what, compared to us!"

Contributed by Aleesha Ball