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Afro-textured hair

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beautiful afro hair

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

Natural Braids

Natural Braided Up-do Done On My Own Head By Me

Contributed by Tamaira Patrick


Contributed by Emilie Kadhim adorable

Contributed by Emilie Kadhim

She has tons of creative styles for natural hair!!! ^_^

Contributed by Asiah Smith

Hair is beautiful in many different facets and ways. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have "good hair" because your hair is beautiful either way look at all these styles for African "Afro" American hair!

Contributed by Ashley Hamilton

This photo was not taken by me however, the photographer truly catches the the natural beauty in the duos hair. More people should be proud of their beautiful hair instead of using so much chemicals. Natural is beautiful too!

Contributed by AJ Ward

My texture of hair was what I was born with. God gave me my beautiful texture. Afro-textured hair is unique. Many people want to feel it because it is so different. All of my life I had a perm. I never knew what my natural hair was like. Every two weeks I went to the Dominican hair salon to get a wash and set and every two months I permed my hair. My hair came to a point where every time I permed my hair it would break. I did not want to see all of hair going into the sink every time I went to get my hair done. I was frustrated. My nape completely broke of and my stylist never told me anything. I wanted someone who would care for my hair and be gentle to my hair. The only person that could do that was me. I decided to give up the perm and go natural in February of 2013. I wore box braids and weaves. Youtube was my best friend. I researched on how to keep my hair moisturized and not break off under my weaves and braids. I was able to find so much information on how to transition without cutting of all of my hair. The key was to stop using harsh chemicals, not only relaxers but in shampoos. Shampoos are dying to the hair, they strip are hair of natural oils. Shampoos contain sulfates which are detergents. Imaging washing your hair with a regular detergent. I don't think anyone would do that. I learned to use shampoos that do not have these detergents or I can cowash which is only washing with conditioner. I learned to always deep condition after every wash. In order to achieve healthy hair you have to eat right, I also take vitamins such as Biosil which is good for hair and skin. In my research I learned that keeping your hair moisturized is they key and also using natural oils such as castor oil. During my transition I learned so much about my hair I learned about many different products what works and what doesn't. The best thing about my transition was learning about my texture. My texture is very kinky but I LOVE IT! I don't know why I didn't transition sooner. My hair is healthier than its ever been my transitioning and mainly my researching and taking proper care of it.

Contributed by Cynthia Augustin

Keeping It Natural

"Maybe she was born with it..."

Contributed by Renea Powell