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African-American hair

African American hair and African American hairstyles are the diverse ways that African American men and women style their hair. Because many black people have hair that is thick with tighter and smaller curls than people of other races, unique hair styles have developed. In addition to this, many black hairstyles have historical connections to African cultures.

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Many people don't know that African American hair can break off because the person does not drink enough water, and it begins to break off around the hairline. As well as African American hair gets basically eaten by the chlorine in swimming pools which causes severe breakage as well, the best way to prevent that is to put some type of grease or oil to block the chlorine. :)

Contributed by Martha Lorena

For those who use no heat and keep it natural!

Contributed by Taylor Ashlyn

Wrap that hair girl!

Contributed by ThisChick BadderthenYours Motown

A tutorial on how to braid your hair.

Contributed by Vanacia NiNi Barner

This is a video I made myself. Its a tutorial on how to style braided hair. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

Contributed by Vanacia NiNi Barner

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