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110 metres hurdles

The 110 metres hurdles, or 110-meter hurdles, is a hurdling track and field event for men. It is included in the athletics programme at the Summer Olympic Games. The female counterpart is the 100 metres hurdles. As part of a racing event, ten hurdles of 1.067 metres (3.5 ft or 42 inches) in height are evenly spaced along a straight course of 110 metres. They are positioned so that they will fall over if bumped into by the runner. Fallen hurdles do not carry a fixed time penalty for the runners, but they have a significant pull-over weight which slows down the run. Like the 100 metres sprint, the 110 metres hurdles begins in the starting blocks.

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The biggest challenge of hurdling is the mental difficulty of the event. Especially with the 110 meter hurdles the mental aspect of the event is extremely important. A hurdler must be mentally prepared to run as fast as they can at the barriers without breaking their stride, trusting that they will not hit the hurdle and fall. Falling is an extremely painful and hard experience to come back from. However, a hurdler is taught right away that the minute the gun goes off in the race none of that matters anymore.

Contributed by Ivano Bede

the 110 meter hrdles is not a hard event to do. All it really involves is being able to run full speed and jump all in one. the first hurde in the race is about 8 steps and in between the hurdle requires 3 steps to the next. the tick is not to studderstep an to be able to time yoursef. your lead leg is the first leg thats inhe air and your trail leg is the leg that you are pushing off ofan snapping over with.

Contributed by Chris Trackstar

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