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Ōkami (Japanese: 大神, literally "great god", "great spirit" or "wolf" if written as ) is an action-adventure video game developed by Clover Studio and published by Capcom. It was released for Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 2 video game console in 2006 in Japan and North America, and in 2007 in Europe and Australia. Despite the closure of Clover Studio a few months after the game's initial release, a version for Nintendo's Wii console was developed and produced by Ready at Dawn, Tose and Capcom, which was released in North America in April 2008, in Europe in June 2008, and in Japan in October 2009.

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This YouTube user has a lot of game plays including over 55 episodes of Okami.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

You can watch the adventure play out. Here is the first episode.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

Another cosplay image.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

Amaterasu cosplay. Sorry for no credit :C

Contributed by Lisa Chong

Okami Wallpaper

Contributed by Missy Peck

"Prologue," by Masami Ueda, is the track that plays during the cinematic introduction to the game, in which you hear the tale of the hero Nagi and mysterious wolf Shiranui.

Audio Link

Contributed by Missy Peck

There are many boss battles which are, in order: Spider Queen Crimson Helm Orochi Blight Nine-tails Lechu and Neku Orochi (past) All the bosses again (Orochi, Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, Blight, Ninetails) Yami, in atleast 3 separate stages

Contributed by Ellie Apple Carlin

To defeat Orochi's eight heads, you must first get them drunk on sake by drawing a line from the sake to their mouth when they roar. When they are unconscious from the sake, slice them as much as possible. You will probably only be able to diminish half their health, but if you use Holy bones it will help greatly. The next part will have you fighting them again but when they fall, you must run up their bodies to reach the bell and strike it.

Contributed by Ellie Apple Carlin

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